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WreckRollers (PAIR) Free Shipping

WreckRollers (PAIR) Free Shipping

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WreckRollers are high quality dollies made for ease of maneuvering damaged vehicles, locked up wheels, turned wheels, etc. without the extra moving parts associated with other dollies/jacks.  They allow for any width tire to fit, whether aired up or flat.

With added cribbing, WreckRoller can be used under vehicle bodies or as a roller for any product. 

WreckRollers are made of high-quality steel and fully galvanized for extra durability.  They feature eighteen commercial grade rubber wheels, in conjunction with a sealed bearing roller for ease of rolling, even on rough terrain. 

Unlike caster wheel dolly/jacks, WreckRoller will roll up a rollback deck without bending wheels or bottoming out.  They will also not allow a vehicle to drift sideways into other objects.  In addition, the platform is roughly the same width as the actual vehicle tire, so no extra space is needed on the deck for loading/unloading like with other products.

3,000 lbs capacity per WreckRoller (evenly distributed on tires).  One year warranty against factory defects.  

Disclaimer:  you must have control of a vehicle with brakes on one end or another vehicle when using WreckRollers.  Failure to do so could cause injury or death.

This item is sold as a PAIR and includes four plastic wedge ramps.  FREE SHIPPING in the US!

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